Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis

Farm Sanctuary Rescuing animals from the machine
Great Jones Spa The holistic spa and its idyllic atmosphere offer the perfect antidote to our high stressed lives.
Greener Pastures Wheatgrass and sprouts at the Union Square greenmarket
Greenmarket Farmers Market NYC Farmer Direct/Local Produce and Goods
HighVibe Living foods, health and healing
living-foods.com Educating the world about raw foods
Moo Shoes Vegan shoes/alternative to leather
Natural Gourmet Cooking School Alternative Cooking School specializing in vegetarian cuisinel
P.E.T.A People for ethical treatment of animals
Satya Magazine Vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal rights, social justice
vegan.com News, advice, and resources for vegans and curious persons
vegbay "an auction for the green community"
vegan cooking school  


“We cannot be spiritual beings and animals of prey at the same time”

R. J. Porteares